Linen Programs


Linen Rental Services

HCSC’s linen rental services includes more than 300 standard linen items. From general patient to VIP linens, we stock, process and deliver linen for every healthcare need.

Employee Apparel Programs

From the smallest out-patient center to the largest hospital, our programs can be tailored to suit your requirements. We offer personal customization and a broad selection of styles and colors for your staff.

Operating Room (O.R.) Linens

All O.R. linens are light table inspected and exceed AORN requirements.

O.R. Pack Program

Our customized, pre-assembled Pack Program guarantees products that meet stringent HLAC pack room standards, and are delivered to you ready for autoclaving.

Service Excellence

Services are only as good as the staff and infrastructure that support them.  HCSC prides itself on service and support after the sale.  As a partner with HCSC, you can expect:

  • Access to your laundry account information through our customer portal
  • Regular visits by trained representatives, followed by a detailed customer service report
  • Linen cost-management programs initiated by those representatives, specific for your facility
  • Web-based usage reports, crucial in controlling your costs
  • Regular and ongoing user surveys and in-service programs aimed at reducing usage and waste
  • Management committees composed of representatives from each member facility