Advantage Group Consulting

ADVANTAGE GROUP PIXHCSC Advantage Group, Inc. helps you achieve the most advantageous balance of cost, quality and service by providing solutions to linen problems at the source.

What We Do For You

HCSC Advantage Group conducts a comprehensive and objective evaluation of your linen operation by focusing in the following areas:

  • Textile Purchasing
  • Production and Utility Measurement Systems
  • Labor and Benefits
  • Service Enhancements
  • Linen Usage Management
  • Out-source vs. In-house?
  • Equipment Re-capitalization
  • JCAHO Compliance

We help you identify the most valuable linen alternative for your facility by applying our “solutioneering” expertise in five key areas:

  • Operations Audits
  • Engineering/Architectural Analysis
  • Staffing Enhancement
  • Linen Services Utilization
  • Outsourcing Feasibility Analysis

What To Expect

Shortly after the on-site evaluation, you will receive a detailed custom proposal outlining the following areas:

  • Recommended Scope of Work
  • Recommended Expert Team
  • Expected Results
  • Time Requirements
  • Progress Reporting
  • Fee Schedule

What To Do

HCSC Advantage Group, Inc. provides objective evaluations of laundry and linen operations at your facility. The results are dramatic.

To arrange a comprehensive, on-site evaluation, or for more information, CONTACT US