Corporate History

In July 1964, the Greater Lehigh Hospital and Health Planning Council was incorporated with goals to provide adequate hospital and related facilities in the Lehigh Valley area; develop plans for providing improved patient care, education and research at these organizations; and coordinate the development plans of the hospitals and related health facilities in the Lehigh Valley area to avoid costly duplication of programs and services.

Hospital Central Services Corporation (HCSC) was incorporated in 1967 to meet the laundry and linen needs of non-profit tax-exempt hospitals in the Lehigh Valley. Its mission quickly evolved in scope:

  • HCSC-Laundry began operations in June 1970.
  • HCSC-Group Purchasing was incorporated in 1969 to provide centralized group purchasing services.
  • HCSC-Blood Center (dba/Miller-Keystone Blood Center) was also incorporated in 1969 and began operation September 21, 1971.

Hospital Central Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1970, to promote education and provide oversight to the other HCSC affiliate organizations.


The first HCSC-Laundry began operating in Allentown, PA, in June 1970. Ten founding hospitals signed 15-year contracts for service, securing the bank loan.

In November 1986, a plant was added in Greensburg, PA, and in May 1989, one was added in Kingston, PA. In November 1989, the former Mid-Atlantic Laundry Plant, Camden, NJ, was acquired, becoming our fourth plant.

A fifth laundry plant was added in April 1997, with the purchase of a former multi-hospital-owned laundry cooperative in Pittsburgh, PA. By February 1998, the Greensburg plant was phased-out.

In December 1998, a facility was added in Scranton, PA; and in September 2001, a plant was purchased in Baltimore, MD. In July 2004, the former Keystone Laundry in Asbury Park, NJ, becomes the Laundry’s newest processing plant.

Between 2005-2006, the Scranton plant was phased out and the Pittsburgh plant was sold.

In 2018, HCSC’s Camden Plant was phased out.

Today, HCSC operates four Laundry facilities, located in: Allentown and Kingston (PA), Asbury Park (NJ), and Baltimore (MD).

Group Purchasing

HCSC-Group Purchasing was incorporated in 1969 and began providing primary vendor contracts to all hospitals represented in the Council. The contract portfolio included medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, nutritional, laboratory and office products. Through 2016, HCSC-Group Purchasing has contracted for more than $3 billion of goods and services.

Miller-Keystone Blood Center

HCSC-Blood Center (dba/Miller-Keystone Blood Center) began operation in September 1971. The Blood Center currently serves as the only provider of blood products and services to 22 hospitals in 11 Pennsylvania and New Jersey counties.

Hospital Central Services Cooperative, Inc.

In 1992, the boards of HCSC-Group Purchasing and HCSC-Laundry decided to pursue a new structure, by electing Subchapter T tax status, as a means of rewarding its customers. HCSC-Laundry and HCSC-Group Purchasing (along with HCSC-Credit & Collections) were merged into a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation under Subchapter T of the Internal Revenue Code. Operating as the Hospital Central Services Cooperative, Inc., this entity offers qualifying acute-care hospital members the opportunity to earn patronage dividends and provides tax savings to the cooperative.